Clarkson College Skywalk

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Omaha, NE
Office & Education
Contour, Interior

Opportunity: Clarkson College, a private college focused on health sciences, was looking to accent their skywalk and provide a stronger sense of security to students and faculty after dark with better lighting. Their goal was to find a high-output solution that could accommodate breaks in the railings, didn’t require space for external power supplies, could easily be installed quickly in a high-traffic area, and could be on-site to install THE NEXT DAY.

Opportunity: Nova Flex LED worked with Mercer Zimmerman and Miller Electric to create an aesthetically-pleasing lighting design, that could be installed quickly in a high-traffic area. The order was processed same-day and shipped OVERNIGHT!

“Nova Flex was great! They were fast & easy to work with in providing a solution for everyone!” – Chilli Chongo, Mercer Zimmerman

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