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Scottsdale, AZ
Accent, Interior

Featuring our Design Series Architectural-Grade 24V LED strip lighting, we brought warmth and depth to the glow of this inviting restaurant space.

Architect: Zebra Architects
Lighting Designer: Robin Goetz, LC; CED National Accounts Design Solutions.
Distributor: CED National Accounts Yorba Linda
Agent: Western Lighting & Controls

Project Scope: New restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ

Problem: Enhance the overall lighting esthetic of the restaurant to bring another design element that included a creative way to illuminate bookcases, millwork, bar counters and shelving, mirrors, and other attributes not typically lit both in the interior and exterior of the restaurant.

Design Idea: Utilize accent lighting to enhance and complement the primary light sources, while creating an overall warmth and depth.

Solution: Used LED Strip Light Design Series Architectural-Grade 2700K LED strip lights with flicker-free dimming to set moods and elevate the vibe throughout the establishment from the entrance to bar and dining areas, as well as the exterior.

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